Music For Meditation and Healing:

Whether you are a beginning or experienced mediator, just close your eyes, relax, breathe deep, listen to the rich harmonies and feel the bliss of deep meditation.

The resonance of the cello quiets the mind as the evocative chanting touches the soul.

Audiences world wide are now hearing the beautiful sounds from Deep Self.

Listen on a system with some bass so you can hear the low cello tones and sub-sonics.

-”Beautiful, haunting music…” -Ken Wilber, Integral Institute.

-”You will wish that the soundtrack of your mind mimicked this album at all times. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the sounds of this remarkable album penetrate and resonate within.” -Yogi Times

-”The music here is extremely hypnotic, contemplative and spirited…I recommend this album for yoga exercises and it is certainly applicable to massage or hypnotherapy practices.” -LA Yoga

-”The cello sounds like the wind, similar to the Kokyuu, a Chinese musical instrument. Like kobushi (the sound between notes that the ear cannot recognize, but can nonetheless hear), it will lead you into deep meditation.” – Yoga Yomu, Japan

-”The music of Peter Ludwig is truly a spiritual experience having the ability to transport one to Tibet or other places in the far east. It is great music to listen while sitting in zazen or traveling in the car. I truly recommend it for those who want to have a transcended experience.” – Genpo Roshi, Big Mind

-”Profound music is still being written, and Mystic Pete is writing it. Deep Self is better then a stem cell transplant.” – Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD, FANN, author: Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer; Larry Dossey, MD, author: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

-”It sometimes sounds like Hoomei in the wind and sometimes like mantra. The mellow sound transports you to the grassland at night. His music takes us out into the universe where we see our world from a distance.” – Lotus Yoga, Japan

-”Deep and resonant core chakra sounds from Mystic Pete’s gifted cello interpretations and beyond this world’s “ohm” chants are what you’ll hear in this soulful CD to guide you through meditation, healing or overdue rest.” –