Mystic Pete is an author, radio host, cellist, music and video producer, spiritual teacher, aphorist, and father of two. He has taught and organized events internationally connecting spirituality and the arts (music, dance, storytelling, and writing).

He hosts a popular radio show, “In A Dream,” one of the only broadcast shows on the West Coast featuring the DJ community, on KXLU, 88.9 fm, Los Angeles, Saturday nights at midnight PT.

Mystic Pete’s humorous book Mystic Pete Chronicles – Book 1: Sex & Mysticism is available on this very site and at online bookstores worldwide. Download a free chapter here.

Mystic Pete Says…”, featured on Elephant Journal, are illustrated by the extraordinary artist Tanya Minina.

His funny and edgy music videos can be seen at YouTube. “BassPop” music – just what it sounds like, Pop with EDM – is on this site, iTunes, SOUNDCOULD, and most other online music stores.


Wow. Mystic Pete sure does a lot of things!

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His CD Deep Self, for yoga, meditation and massage has been well-reviewed by Ken Wilber (Integral Institute), Genpo Roshi (Big Mind), LA Yoga, Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD & Larry Dossey, MD (authors), Lotus Yoga (Japan), and Yoga Yomu (Japan)

The book:

“MYSTIC PETE CHRONICLES – Book 1: Sex & Mysticism,” a humorous introduction to mysticism with a focus on sex, is available worldwide through all the big online book distributors and on this website.

Topics include:
-The sex+god connection
-Stretching time like taffy
-Spinning the money wheels
-Is the world about to enc, or about to begin?
-Surfing the Eroto-Astral realms
-Laugh your way to mystical power