Mystic Pete is a teacher of mysticism who has developed a large body of unique, potent spiritual practices. His mystery school, “The Open Hand School,” named so because instead of looking for quick fixes and gasping external objects (drugs, enchanted words, gurus, belief systems, etc.), mentors members to find magic internally. Spiritual power comes from hard work guided by wise practice which dignifies the individual, recognizing each person’s wisdom and connection with the sacred. Being thoughtful and questioning are the foundation of responsible spirituality, never asking adherents to “just believe” or have faith in fanciful notions that make no common sense. We proceed in two directions: developing mystic abilities such as healing, astral travel, sex magic, psychic self defense, “emotional yoga,” and chi force, and seeking to be moral, decent people, who show kindness, generosity and respect to everyone, all the time – animated with humor and playfulness.

With talk shows and shows that feature the DJ community, Mystic Pete is a radio host who has appeared internationally speaking about his book, “Mystic Pete Chronicles: Book 1 Sex & Mysticism.” He has taught and produced umpteen events connecting spirituality and the Arts and has a well reviewed album for yoga and meditation called, “Deep Self.” He is a humorist, cellist, vocalist, Sound Meditation leader, healer, music and video producer, and father of two.